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    Why Adaptability?

What can you do with your Adaptability Quotient?

Once you discover your AQ profile you will gain access to personalised insights and action plans to help you improve your adaptability.

Energetic Keynote speech about Adaptability by Tom Sligting. Great takeaways, beautiful metaphors, and humour.

“For 22 years, I have booked Tom to make a difference in one of our meetings. The right touch and eye-opening, as always. High added value for every event.”
Eduard Scheapman
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Three Topics

My Tripple A


Add Fun

An Octopus

It starts with: I wonder what would happen if…

“Tom Sligtingis a great Keynote Speaker. He knows what is going on and what to do. It was the best mirror we could have with a lot of humour and intelligent content. Great job!”
Franc van Mourik – Gemeente Lelystad

By Tom Sligting

Trailer Adaptability

My highly energetic delivery and practical takeaways inspire audiences.

You’re looking for a speaker who knows how to hold an audience’s attention. You’d like a speaker who works to find the right Keynote for your audience with great takeaways? And who enjoys actively engaging your audience with interaction? You just found him. 



Because I’m pretty sure that if you want to get ready for the future,
Changing is the magic word,
How often have you heard, or have you called it yourself,
we’re going to do it differently.
That is what this speech is about;
How do you do that?

Global Keynote Speaker

Tom Sligting

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Tom Sligting

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